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DealDash Reviews

A detailed review of DealDash – how to bid on an auction

DealDash isn’t like other penny auction websites: DealDash is legit. Haven’t you seen our reviews? No? Well, DealDash reviews are available across multiple third-party platforms so you can rest assured our site is tried and true. But if you’ve never had the chance to check out these reviews, you may not know that DealDash is one of America’s most popular online bidding platforms.

Here’s what makes DealDash auctions different from the rest:

The starting price

EVERY auction starts at $0.00 and has no minimum reserve prices.

Prices only increase by 1 cent: As the name suggests, each bid placed adds only a single penny to the auction price.

Bids increase the timer by 10 seconds

The 10-second timer restarts every time a new bid is placed.

How you win

If no new bids come in during the next 10 seconds, you win!


Before you can participate in an auction, you have to buy bids first. Bids often go on sale for $0.12 and can be purchased with any major credit card or PayPal. Bids are purchased in batches referred to as Bid Packs. These Bid Packs come in various sizes and are added to your account’s Bid Balance every time you purchase. Your Bid Balance shows how many bids you have remaining in your account. When you’re running low on bids, all you have to do is buy another Bid Pack or participate in a Bid
Pack auction. Now that’s legit.


Winning isn’t always everything, but let’s be real: it is the reason why you bid.
Now, after you win an auction, there are a few different options you can choose from.

Purchase your product

Once you’ve won an auction, you can purchase the product you won for the final bidding price. You have 14 days to complete the transaction.

Exchange for bids

If you decided you’d rather have more bids over the auction item, you can choose to change your product for more bids to put toward future auctions.

Buy it now

Sometimes you aren’t going to win the auctions you’ve entered. However, DealDash doesn’t want you to lose out, so you can buy the product at the Buy It Now Price and get all the bids from that auction returned to your account.

Unique auction features

Don’t believe DealDash is legit? Well, our auctions are something special. We have some nifty features designed to help you win.


BidBuddy strategically places bids for you. It always waits until the last second to bid. You also have the chance to limit how many bids will be used. And you have the opportunity to cancel it at any time.

Bidder Levels

Every time you bid on DealDash, you earn points toward your next bidder level. Every level you unlock includes special rewards, such as free bids and more.

Time as the highest bidder

Your time has the highest bidder bar fills up every time you become the highest bidder in auctions. When the bar is full you unlock the next level as well as the rewards that come with it.

As we said, DealDash is legit. Don’t trust us? Check out some of our reviews.

Promotions and Rewards

Your time has the highest bidder bar fills up every time you become the highest bidder in auctions. When the bar is full you unlock the next level as well as the rewards that come with it.

As we said, DealDash is legit. Don’t trust us? Check out some of our reviews.

Discounted Bids

The price of bids regularly changes, even on a daily basis depending on the active offers. You can always see what’s offered from the banner page of DealDash’s front page.

​​Specialty Auctions

All our auctions are special, of course. These ones just happen to be EXTRA special! If you check out DealDash’s promotions page to see what kinds of specialty auctions exist.

Free Shipping

No gimmicks here, DealDash is legit. We don’t have anything up our sleeve. Whatever you win is shipped to you completely free. Anywhere in the continental US and Canada (with the exception of Quebec).

You never pay for shipping.

You never pay for handling.

You don’t pay for packaging.

Free, free, free! That’s the DealDash policy.


DealDash is legit because we have the goods, and we think they’re pretty great! We have brands we know you’ll love even if you’re not familiar with them yet.

Name Brands

We have a lot of the same products and brands you’ll find in your local box stores and car dealerships.

Designer Products

Unique pieces from global designers that are equal parts of iconic fashion and optimal function.

Global Artisans

DealDash works with underexposed talents from across the world and brings their hard work into the limelight.

Where you can find DealDash

As we’ve mentioned, reviews of DealDash are available across multiple third-party platforms, so you can trust that we have real people providing real reviews on our products and services. We’re available on Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and more.

More About DealDash:

To understand why DealDash is considered a legitimate auction site, it’s important to delve into several key aspects: its business model, user experience, transparency, and compliance with regulations.

  1. Business Model: Pay-to-Participate Auctions
    DealDash operates on a pay-to-participate model, where users buy bids before participating in auctions. This model is distinct from traditional auctions, where bidding is free, and you only pay if you win. DealDash’s approach creates a game-like environment, which is both engaging and competitive. Each bid placed extends the auction time slightly, giving everyone a fair chance to participate. This model is legal and widely used in online penny auctions.
  2. User Experience: Fair and Fun
    User experience is a cornerstone of DealDash’s legitimacy. The site offers a wide array of products, from electronics to gift cards. It’s designed to be user-friendly, ensuring an enjoyable and accessible experience for all participants. DealDash also offers a “Buy It Now” option, allowing users to purchase an item at its regular price if they don’t win the auction, crediting back all the bids used in that auction. This feature adds a layer of fairness and value, ensuring participants don’t leave empty-handed.
  3. Transparency and Consumer Education
    Transparency is crucial in establishing trust. DealDash invests in educating its users about how the site works, the nature of bidding, and strategies for participation. Detailed FAQs, tutorial videos, and customer support are provided to ensure users are well-informed. This level of transparency is a hallmark of a legitimate operation, as it shows the company’s commitment to honesty and customer satisfaction.
  4. Compliance with Regulations
    Because of the risk that’s imbued in the penny-auction model, DealDash has prioritized an approach that stays well ahead of any compliance issues. The auction site is in full compliance with various consumer protection laws and regulations. The company operates in a legal framework, adhering to the necessary guidelines to ensure fair play and consumer rights. Regular audits and compliance checks are part of its operational protocol, solidifying its status as a legitimate auction site.
  5. Customer Reviews and Feedback
    While any platform will have mixed reviews, the abundance of positive feedback from many users who have won and purchased items at a fraction of their retail price adds to DealDash’s legitimacy. However, like any auction system, there’s no guarantee of winning, and participants should bid responsibly.

DealDash has stood up to scrutiny in the fourteen years of its existence, earning an A rating with Better Business Bureau and gaining trust through a robust customer service approach, with a team ready to answer any questions your suspicious uncle would have about them.

DealDash’s rather unique pay-to-participate model, combined with a commitment to user experience, transparency, and adherence to legal standards, establishes it as a legitimate online auction site. While it may operate with an unconventional auction format, its innovative approach, educational resources, and compliance with regulations provide a legitimate platform for online shopping and entertainment.